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SAF’s primary focus is the emergency stage where needs are often most acute. However we recognize that emergency relief alone cannot deliver solutions and that it can also create aid dependency. SAF therefore pursues a holistic rights based approach, encompassing emergency relief and early recovery, seeking to build on displaced people’s own resilience to promote sustainability and recovery.

SAF specializes in a dynamic, adaptive and mutually reinforcing set of core competences, including shelter, food security, education, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), information counseling and legal assistance (CLA) and camp management with a particular focus on refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs). We may also include host communities in our activities given the important role they often have in supporting displaced people and contributing to durable solutions.

We aim to ensure equal access and service to all vulnerable groups, especially by meeting the different needs of men, women, boys and girls. We involve displaced people and host communities in the identification and evaluation of programs. We promote environmental sustainability and climate adaption in our activities, and continuously adapt to changing needs. Risk management is an integral part of all SAF operations in order to ensure the safety and security of displaced and vulnerable people,

SAF seek to enhance the capacity, in all stages of crisis, from prevention/early warning, preparedness, conflict resolution, sustainable development and democratic governance. As a strategic partner, we aim to ensure the rapid deployment of specialist personnel, whilst also supporting the continuity of operations and internal capacity building.

We are committed to living our core values:

  • Dedicated
  • Inclusive
  • Innovative
  • Accountable

We are guided by:

SAF: is committed to non-discrimination, respect for human dignity and prioritizing the most vulnerable.

SAF: Promotes respect for the right and duties contained in international human rights and humanitarian law, particularly the Refugee Convention and Protocols, the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement. Specific focus is given to the protection of vulnerable groups and minorities, especially women and children.

SAF: commitment to accountability and transparency in all activities, and adheres to:

  • Code of Conduct for Humanitarian services/Disaster management.
  • Humanitarian Principles.
  • Humanitarian Accountability partnership
  • The sphere protect: Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response Minimum Standards of Education in Emergency
  • Do no Harm’ principle

SAF rooted in the challenge by the needs of a world in a new millennium, SAF committed to achieving a more merciful and just world, provide service and assistance to the poor, sick and uneducated persons within and beyond the state. Encourage multicultural diversity within the community and among the people served; Participate in building community with poor persons and others, integrate the learned values of service, community throughout and beyond.

Value Compass

SAF insist on the right of the individual to receive humanitarian aid and our right and duty to provide such aid, whenever we can. This means that advocacy, in some cases, must give way to our duty to help where lives are at stake, but also that we will provide assistance, regardless of whether such an effort could be interpreted politically. Moreover, we insist on right on the individual to use his or her own abilities to shape is or her own life with dignity, in interaction with others.

Thus we work to ensure that displaced persons can enjoy the rights of protection and life opportunities offered to them in applicable conversions and law-without any kind of discrimination. We focus on issues concerning refugees and displaced person, remaining neutral when it comes to party politics.

This means that we are honest and open about what we do and about the choices we make, when needs exceed our ability to provide help. Moreover, we strive for successful and responsible joint efforts with others.

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